Staff App - Marking Staff Absences

The Staff App records staff Check In and Check Out times in an HH:mm format from the Attendance app. This information is displayed at the top of the Staff Hours pop-up for the supervising cook or catering manager to enter the total worked hours, overtime, non-productive hours and any absence before signing off your hours worked at the end of the week.

  This article will teach you...

How to record an absence using the Staff App.

Login to the tablet and select Staff [1].


Select the relevant member of Staff [2] to start recording absences.


Michelle has not met there Contract hours so the calculated Total Worked hours [3] will be logged and the Absence hours [4] will be automatically calculated.

The Absence type [5] drop-down menu defaults to blank, you must select a reason for recording an absence with the following options:

  • Absent time – this is the default absent type
  • Holiday – use this if the employee is on holiday
  • Sick – use this if someone has called in sick or goes home sick
  • Unpaid leave – use this as required when unpaid leave has been agreed.

The Absence reason [6] is a free text field that can be used to further explain the staff's absence if needed.



The Absence reason has a 250 character limit.

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