Staff App - Timesheets for multiple positions

The Staff App records staff Check In and Check Out times in an HH:mm format from the Attendance app. This information is displayed at the top of the Staff Hours pop-up for the supervising cook or catering manager to enter the total worked hours, overtime, non-productive hours and any absence before signing off your hours worked at the end of the week.

  This article will teach you...

How to record timesheets for multiple positions.


This feature will only work if the following is applied on the Desktop, refer to Admin - Staff timesheet with multiple positions.

Accessing Staff

Log in to your tablet and select Staff [1].


Recording Timesheets

Locate the Relevant Staff Member [1] and select a Day Column Cell [2] (e.g. Monday 20th).


Select Total Hours Worked Cell [3].


To change the staff role, press the Pen Icon [4].


Enter a valid Staff Role Code [5] and press the Tick Icon [6].


Upon entry of the correct Role Code, the Position Name [7] will now update.

Enter the Hours Worked [8] using the On-Screen Keyboard and press OK [9].


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