Staff App - Timesheets for multiple positions

The Staff App records staff Check In and Check Out times in an HH:mm format from the Attendance app. This information is displayed at the top of the Staff Hours pop-up for the supervising cook or catering manager to enter the total worked hours, overtime, non-productive hours and any absence before signing off your hours worked at the end of the week.

IMPORTANT: This feature will only work if the following is applied on the Desktop, refer to Admin - Staff timesheet with multiple positions.

On the Tablet open the Kitchen Manager App, open the Staff App, select a Day column cell [1] (e.g. Monday 20th) for a member of Staff.


To change the staff role, press the Edit icon [1], enter a valid Staff role code [2], press the Tick icon [3], enter the Hours worked [4] and press OK [5].