Stocktake App - View all food or non-food stock take items

Users can see a complete list of all non/food stocktake items and drill down into their values in the Stocktake app using the 'By Supplier' view.

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How to view all food or non-food stocktake items.

Accessing Stocktake

Open Kitchen Manager and select Stocktake [1].


Viewing food and Non-Food Items

Select the 3 Dots located in the top right and select By Supplier [1].



Select the Food Stock row [2] to display a list of all Food stocktake items.

Select the Non-Food row [3] to display a list of all Non-Food stocktake items.



The format in the non/food stocktake items displayed is the same as when the user selects a supplier to see all stocktake items related to that supplier.

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