Orders & Deliveries App - Creating a New Order

You can place orders directly with the Supplier using the Orders and Deliveries App.

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How to create a new order using the Orders and Deliveries app.

Select Orders & Deliveries [1].


Select the New Order [2] located at the bottom of the screen.


Select a Supplier [3] from the list and tap OK.


Tap the Quantity Column [4] for each item to add the required amount. 


Use the On-Screen Keypad [5] to enter the quantity of each item you need to order then tap OK.


When placing an order, in Order Details, the order quantity value cannot use the Decimal place button. This button will be available in Delivery Details in the event the supplier is unable to deliver a complete package.



Tap the Delivery Date Field [6] and use the On-Screen Calendar [7] to set the delivery date.



Once all of the above details have been entered, tap on the 3 Dots located in the top right of the screen and select Submit Order [8].



Please note depending on the supplier integration method, the system may ask you to place the order with the supplier directly. For more information on this please contact your area manager.

The Order [9] will now appear within the orders list.


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