Stocktake App - Stock Transfer

Users can access a list of previously successful stock transfer site ID’s when doing a stock transfer to help avoid entering an incorrect value.

Go to Kitchen Manager > Stocktake App > open the top right Menu [1] and press Stock Transfer [2]


The user can either select a Site ID from the Previous Transfers [3] dropdown list, this only shows Site IDs that have been successful in previous stock transfers. If the Site ID is not in the dropdown list manually enter the Site ID in to the Transfer to field [4].


Press OK [5] to create the Transfer Out request.

In the Transfer Out request screen set the Quantity [1] value for the Item/s you wish to Transfer Out, press the top right Menu [2] and press Send [3] to submit the Transfer Out request or Delete Transfer [4] to cancel the Transfer request.


When the Transfer Out request is created it will be shown as Sending [1] in the Stock Transfers screen. You will need to Sync your device, when this is done the Transfer Request will be marked as Sent [2].

NOTE The To: field [3] will be updated with the Site Name if you manually entered the Site ID.


If an incorrect Site ID is entered as part of a stock transfer, after the initial sync, the system will reject the transfer and the tablet user will receive the following notification:


When the Transfer Out request has been Sent allow 15 minutes or more to pass then Sync the device to confirm if the request is Complete [1] or unsuccessful. In the event the request is unsuccessful the Site ID (003) will be incorrect, the Transfer Out request status will be Site not found [2].


NOTE For unsuccessful Transfer Out requests is it advisable to Delete the transfer request so the page isn’t cluttered with failed Transfer Out requests.