Order & Deliveries App - Adding a Delivery Note

Once an order has been delivered you can mark a specfic item with a note (box was damaged etc).

  This article will teach you...

How to add a delivery note to a recently delivered order.

Accessing Orders and Deliveries

Log in to your tablet and select Orders & Deliveries [1].


Accessing Delivery Details

Select the Relevant Order [1] from the order list and select Delivery [2].

2023-02-22 16_43_37-marking - Paint.png

Select the Stock Item [3] and select Note [4].


Using the Note Textbox [5] type in the relevant details in regard to the item and select OK [6] once finished.


All entered information will now appear next to the Item Record [7].



Suppliers will have access to the notes section when confirming orders, you may see notes informing you on stock numbers or any other issues

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