Orders & Deliveries App - Sign Off Your Delivery


  • Create an order - based on a centrally controlled stock list - then send it electronically to your supplier. Check the delivery against the order and record time and temperatures
  • Submit your order early – not on the deadline day - to avoid sync issues
  • Let the tablet sync when you submit an order, then also do a manual sync 
  • A red comment means the order has not been sent – sync the tablet again.


Tap an Order in progress [1] and press Delivery [2], press the top right menu and select Signoff to open the Delivery Sign off page.

On the Delivery sign off page, there may be a checkbox next to the Signature 1 [1] with a declaration statement. If this checkbox is checked the Signature 1 signature box is Activated [2] (yellow) for the cook to sign after complying with the declaration. If unchecked, the signature box is Inactive [3] (greyed out).


If there is No declaration statement (Signature 2) sign the yellow Signed by field [1] and press Signoff [2].