Template View - Stock Table

Kitchen Manager Stock contains a complete list of stock items and the quantities at a site or total level. These stock items are also used in Recipes in the Menus module.


  1. Code: Stock item code/ID
  2. Stock Item: Description of the stock item (up to 30 characters)
  3. Pack Contents: e.g. 6x850g – there are 6 units in a pack, each weighing 850 grams
  4. Price (£): The price for a full pack or kg if the item is priced in kg
  5. Priced By: The choices are Pack or kg. Item priced by pack can only be purchased in whole packs. Split packs have to be set up as separate items
  6. Units/Pack: Packs are made up of a number of units, these are shown here. When doing a stocktake you can choose if part packs are described as a percentage of a full pack or as units
  7. Supplier: The supplier of the stock items
  8. Selected: Checkboxes confirm if items are selected (Checked) or unselected (un-checked) for the Template
  9. Discontinued: Items are identified as discontinued and no longer available from the Supplier
  10. Category & Sub Category: Sub categories of the Super Category (e.g. Super Category = Fresh Produce, Category = Vegetables, Sub Category = Root Tuberous)