Stock: Stock View - Introduction

Kitchen Manager Stock contains a complete list of stock items and the quantities at a site or total level. These stock items are also used in Recipes in the Menus module.

  This article will teach you...

The basics of Kitchen Manager Stock View.

Accessing Stock

Navigate to Kitchen Manager > Stock.

Stock Filters

The default view for the Stock page is Stock View, this is used to view the latest stock data at each site. The Stock Item Quantities [1] column identifies how much of each Stock Item is currently available. This information is kept up to date with regular stocktakes completed by the kitchen.

The Primary Filter [2] can be set to Show All which will display Stock Items that are both In Stock and Out of Stock, this is reflected in the value in the Quantity column.

Use the Secondary Filter [3] to view the current (Now) stock Quantities or stock quantities from previous stocktakes.

The Type [4] drop-down menu has three options available which will show Food and Non-food Stock Items on the Stock table. When set to All you can see both types of Stock Items in the table.

The Supplier drop-down [5] is left blank by default which shows all the Suppliers in the Items table. Select a Supplier from the Supplier drop-down list and the Items table will automatically refresh to show only Items provided by the Selected supplier.


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