Stock View - Stock Table

Kitchen Manager Stock contains a complete list of stock items and the quantities at a site or total level. These stock items are also used in Recipes in the Menus module.
  NOTE    The default view for the Stock page is Stock View, this is used to view the latest stock data at each site.


  • Code: Stock item code/ID
  • Stock Item: Description of the stock item (up to 30 characters)
  • Pack Contents: e.g. 6x850g – there are 6 units in a pack, each weighing 850 grams
  • Quantity: The quantity of stock at the last stocktake or current stock
  • Price: The price for a full pack or kg if the item is priced in kg
  • Priced By: The choices are Pack or kg. Item priced by pack can only be purchased in whole packs. Split packs must be set up as separate items
  • Units/Pack: Packs are made up of a number of units, these are shown here. When doing a stocktake you can choose if part packs are described as a percentage of a full pack or as units
  • Supplier: The supplier of the Stock Items
  • Total Stock Value: Total value of Stock Items
  • Quantity on order: The quantity of this item on order (if applicable)
  • Discontinued: If the checkbox is ticked the stock item has been discontinued
  • Category: Identifies the Category name (only if assigned)
  • Sub Category: Identifies the Sub Category name (only if assigned)