Stock View - Stock Item details

Kitchen Manager Stock contains a complete list of stock items and the quantities at a site or total level. These stock items are also used in Recipes in the Menus module.

To view the details of a Stock Item, click on an Item [1].


In the Edit Stock Items window, Admin users will only be able to edit the current Quantity in stock [2] and Reorder level [3] details.

The Transfer button [4] is used to transfer stock to another Site.


In this example the Canned Chopped Tomatoes in Tomato Juice has 5 packs in Stock [5].

Enter the Quantity to transfer (Packs) [6] (e.g. 2), set the Location to transfer [7] to and include any Notes [8] to explain why the stock has been transferred then click Save [9] to complete the stock transfer.


The Quantity (Packs) column [10] is automatically updated following a Transfer.