How do I add new Stock Items

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How to add new stock items.


Before starting this process you must first obtain the stock item details from the supplier. All information that needs to be entered into the data field relies on this information.

Navigate to Kitchen Manager > Admin.

Select the Stock Items [1] option in the Navigation Tree and click Add Stock Item [2].



You can edit an Existing Stock Item by double-clicking on the stock item.

To populate the Stock Item Fields [3] use the information provided by the supplier as follows:

  • Code
  • Stock Item
  • Supplier
  • Super Category
  • Category
  • Sub Category
  • Pack Contents / Weight per Pack / Base Unit Of Measure (UOM) i.e. Kg
  • Price
  • Priced by Pack
  • Note
  • Picture

After entering data in the stock item fields, click either Save[4] which will close the Add Stock Item window, or click Save & New[5] which will save the Stock Item and keep the Add Stock Item window open to add another Stock Item.


When the New Stock Item has been added to the Stock Items table, use the Nutrition [6] information to populate the Nutrition data [7].


Populate the Ingredients [8] and Allergens [9] to record the Allergens.



Click Save.

Linking with McCance and Widdowson Database

Stock Items can now be linked to the McCance and Widdowson Database to populate the Nutritional Analysis fields.

Navigate to Kitchen Manager > Admin > click Stock Items [1] > select the Stock Item [2]


Once a new tab has been opened, select Nutrition [3] then click on the Magnifying Glass [4].

Once the Magnifying Glass has been selected you can then Search [5] for the relevant Item [6] and select Add [7] to link all McCance and Widdowson Nutritional data for that item over to Cypad.


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