Stock - Editing Stock Items

Accessing Stock

Navigate to Kitchen Manager > Admin.

Editing Stock Items

 Select Stock Items [1] from the navigation tree and click on the Relevant Stock Item [2].


Updating Stock Items

Update the existing stock items' details with the Details [1] from your supplier.

When updating the Stock Item details it is advisable to review and if necessary, update the Allergens [2], Nutrition [3] and Ingredients [4].


When all the Stock Item details have been updated click Save [5].


When changes have been made to a Stock Item, a Catalogue Change email is automatically generated by the system and sent to Admin users and Area Managers to provide them with a record of the changes that have been made.

Stock Item Change Records

When changes to Stock Items have been made, a record will be generated and can be viewable by Admin accounts.

Navigate to Kitchen Manager > Admin.

Select Stock Changes [1] from the navigation tree and a table of all the changes made to individual stock items will now be displayed within the Record Table [2].


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