Design - Confidential forms

Administrators can make confidential forms that are accessible and editable on the tablet for Kitchen Staff to fill in (e.g. illness, return to work, bereavement, etc.). Once a user has completed and signed off a confidential form, it is no longer visible on the tablet.

  This article will teach you...

How to make a form confidential.


For creating a Form and publishing it to a tablet, refer to Add a form and publish to a tablet.

Navigate to Kitchen Manager > Design > click Add Form [1] button.

In the Add Form window fill in the details as usual, and click the Confidential checkbox [2] to make the form confidential.

When the details are filled in click the Save button [3].


When a confidential form is filled out on the tablet and submitted for sign-off, the form is no longer visible to any user on the tablet.


If the device is not connected to the internet when the confidential form is filled in and submitted, the form will be stored on the device and remain hidden to all other users until the next sync.

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