How to add recurring line item templates and KPIs into site invoices

Invoices which include recurring charges (e.g. Management Fees, spillages and breakages) can now have a global default template for reoccurring items and the fees as required. KPIs can also be set up for each invoice fee which records a value for each site daily. These can be changed at the Site level.


The KPIs cannot be modified once set

This customisable feature enables you to produce invoices for any time period. Create your own data table from a selection of KPIs and format the look of invoices, adding logos, headers/footers, messages, and other content. When you have generated the invoice, you can email it to individual sites.

Go to Kitchen Manager > Invoices


Go to Kitchen Manager > Admin > Invoicing [1] > Recurring Charges [2]


Enter an Invoice charge Name [3] (e.g. Administration Fee), a Default Value [4] (e.g. 20.00), press Enter to complete the action, the KPI ID [5] is automatically assigned, then press the Save [6] button.

Go to Kitchen Manager > Sites > select a Site > in Edit Site window click the Invoicing tab [1]

invoice recourring.png

  1. Description: The name of the Recurring Line Item, is un-editable.
  2. Value: The user can set a site-specific value if Use Default is un-ticked.
  3. Use Default: The user can specify whether to use the default value (ticked checkbox) or to set a site-specific value (unticked checkbox)
    NOTE: When the Default Value is selected the editable Value option is greyed out.
  4. KPI ID: This is automatically updated and is un-editable

Following the standard Invoice generating process, this invoice will include the recurring Administration Fee that has been applied in the previous step.