Invoices - Consolidated Invoices

This customisable feature enables you to produce invoices for any time period. Create your own data table from a selection of KPIs and format the look of invoices, adding logos, headers/footers, messages, and other content. When you have generated the invoice, you can email it to individual sites.

Go to Kitchen Manager > Invoices

Generate a single invoice for all the sites in a contract to consolidate multiple invoices into one document. 

Select a Contract [2] in the tree menu located on the left-hand side and select Generate [3].  For set Period Start [4] and Period End [5] dates you will need to adjust these to the dates required.  Click Consolidated Invoice checkbox [6] and click Generate button [7]



The Consolidated Invoice option only appears when a Contract [2] has been selected.

Each of the tables in the consolidated invoice contains the combined data for all sites in the selected Contract [2], there is not a separate table for each site.