Invoices - Exporting Invoices

This customisable feature enables you to produce invoices for any time period. Create your own data table from a selection of KPIs and format the look of invoices, adding logos, headers/footers, messages, and other content. When you have generated the invoice, you can email it to individual sites.

Go to Kitchen Manager > Invoices

Export single invoice

Click on the Invoice [1] > select Open Invoice (PDF) [2]


The Invoice PDF will be downloaded to your default download folder.

Export multiple sites' invoices

Go to Kitchen Manager > Invoices > select a Region\Type\Contract\Site\Group > click the Export [1] button > select either Export Grid or Export Invoices [2]


The export options are as follows:

Export Grid - The 'Export Grid' option exports an excel file of the invoices displayed in the main grid.

Export Invoices - The 'Export Invoices' option will generate a zip folder which contains a copy of all the generated invoices for each site. An Export Invoices popup will request the email address(es) to send the zip folder to. The zip folder is password-protected with a 4-number pin, a second email with the pin number is sent to the email address(es).



If you are entering multiple E-Mails please seperate them with a Semi-Colon ';'