Invoices - How to Delete Invoices

This customisable feature enables you to produce invoices for any time period. Create your own data table from a selection of KPIs and format the look of invoices, adding logos, headers/footers, messages, and other content. When you have generated the invoice, you can email it to individual sites.

Go to Kitchen Manager > Invoices

Deleting Invoices

Select an Invoice [1] with the status Generated or No Data and click Delete Invoice [2].


A pop-up box will ask if you want to delete the selected invoice, click OK [3].


Another pop-up box will ask if want to leave the selected invoice intact, click No [5] to delete the invoice.


If you press Yes [4] the invoice will not be deleted. This feature prevents you from accidentally deleting an invoice.


If an invoice has been sent in an email you will not be able to delete it from Cypad.