Packages & Questionnaires - Editing, Copying & Deleting Questionnaires

When you click on an existing Package in the Menu tree you can either Edit the Package, Delete it or create a Copy.

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How the Edit, Copying, and Deleting questionnaires functionality works.

Editing, Copying, and Deleting Questionnaires 

Go to Monitor > Packages.

Right-mouse-click on a questionnaire in the navigation tree and select one of the following options:

Edit [1]: amend fields in the Questionnaire window

Delete [2]: a Delete popup message will appear on the screen advising that this action cannot be undone

Copy [3]: when copying the Name field and Description field automatically adds the text ‘Copy of’



Deleting a questionnaire that has been used in a package will cause the package to lose all data recorded using the questionnaire! To avoid any loss of data it is advisable to archive the package.

When Editing the package details, you can edit all the fields, drop down menus and check boxes click Save [4] when done.

edit package.png

When Deleting a Package, a Delete Package warning message will pop-up to advise you the action cannot be un-done and all inspections done as part of the package will also be lost. Click OK [5] to delete the package.


After clicking OK, a second Delete package pop-up will ask if you wish to ‘Leave the package intact?’. This is a preventative measure to confirm you haven’t accidentally clicked the wrong button before deleting a package. To complete the Delete function click No [6].


When Copying a Package, the Copy Package window will open where you can edit the Fields [7], dropdown menus and checkboxes before clicking Save [8] to create the new package.



When creating a copy of a Package the Description field [2] will have ‘Copy of…’ added to the field by default.

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