Cases New User Interface - Cases

The Export [1] button will still automatically download an excel spreadsheet to the computer.

The Date range [2] and Calendar [3] functionality remains the same as does the Search [4] bar. 

The Add [5] button will start the Add Case process and open the Header details [6] page, when the details have been filled in click the Save [7] button.
Current UI



New UI



NOTE  In the New UI you will be able to see the Other elements [8] of a Case, these will not be editable until you have completed and saved the Header page.

Case Type Filters

The Case Type filters (Case Type [1], Case Type Category [2] and Status [3]) have been moved into a pop-up window. 

Current UI


New UI

To access the filters click the new Filter icon [4].


In the Filters window you can set the Case Type, Category and use checkboxes to select specific Status options then click the Apply [5] button.


When filters have been set you can use the Clear Filters [6] button to clear all the filters.

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