Cases New User Interface - Introduction

Cypad's brand-new web User Interface (UI) is a rich, yet simplified user experience with a fresh look and feel that provides all the same functionality as the Original UI with improved usability, performance and adaptability to maximise user productivity and enable intuitive platform administration. 

Users have the ability to Switch [1] between the Original UI and the New UI at their convenience.

The Navigation Menu [2] is has changed form a reveal menu to a collapsible menu and has new icons so users can intuitively navigate the site.  

Original UI


New UI


Original UI

The Page Menu [3] has retained the same functionality as the original UI while using new button styles and a new colour scheme. 


New UI

When a sub menu button is clicked a new Navigation Tree [4] is opened on the left side of the page to make it easier and more efficient to navigate the sub menu options.