Cases New User Interface - Admin: Action Types

Add Action Type

On the Admin Action Types page you can now find the Add button [1] and Export button [2] in the top right of the screen. The Add Action Type [3] pop up window now opens in the middle of the screen.

Current UI


New UI

New_UI_Admin_Action_Types.jpgIn the Add Action Type pop up window the Fields [4] marked with a Red star must be filled in otherwise you will not be able to save the new Action Type.



Archived Filter

On the Admin Action Types page the Show archived [1] filter check box will show both active and archived Action types in the main page then the check box is ticked. 

Current UI


New UI

When the Show Archived [1] filter button is clicked a Filter window opens in the middle of the screen where the user can check the Show Archived [2] checkbox then click the Apply [3] button to return to the Action Types page.


If the filter is is already enabled users can click the Clear Filter [4] button to turn off the filter.

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