Monitor Design - Add Question Details fields explained

The Monitor facility is available on both Desktop and Tablet platforms making it the ideal tool for mobile workers and health and safety professionals.

  This article will teach you...

What each of the fields in the Add Question window is for and 



1. Question ID

The ID Field is an optional field to give a unique identifier to each question in a questionnaire, the IDs can be alpha-numeric (i.e. A001aa) and contain up to six characters.

2. Short & Full Question

The Short question is for quick reference and the Full question is the question that will be displayed in the questionnaire.

3. Minimum & Maximum Values

The Minimum and Maximum values are for setting numerical values for when the Number or Currency Types have been selected. The Minimum value can be set no lower than 0 and the Maximum value can be set no higher than 365.

4. Attributes

The Attributes field is only active when the List Type is selected. When adding an attribute each entry must have a semicolon (;) before adding another attribute. 

5. Criteria

The Criteria field is active for all Types. When adding criteria to a question use it to outline eligibility criteria e.g. If you fail to answer this question the questionnaire will not be eligible for submission.

6. Photo (Icon)

Use to show a visual example of what an item or situation should look like.

7. Weighting

Individual scores for each question are added up and any weightings applied are considered.

You can apply two weightings to a question:

  • Weighting 1 - a weighting used in the calculation of a score for a particular inspection. The default value is 1, enter zero if you don’t want the question to count towards the score
  • Weighting 2 - where you are comparing scores with an external organisation enter their alternative weighting here.


The maximum weighting value of the attributes should be the same as the Weighting 1 field (i.e. Weighting field = 2, the maximum value that can be assigned to an attribute is 2).

For List Type questions, weightings can be added to the different attributes and the maximum value of the attributes should be the value entered in Weighting 1. In the Attributes field, after each attribute in the list enter * and the weighting value e.g. Very Quickly*4; Quickly*3; Average*2; Slowly*1. In Weighting 1 the value entered would be 4.

Phrases tab

The Yes/No and File Types activate the Phrases tab [1]. The Observation text field [2] will only be used if the question is answered Yes [3]. You are required to provide your observations in relation to the question.


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