System - Admin - Contracts

Use the Contracts type to create a Contract type for Contract users in System > Users 

NOTE - This can also be used for Invoicing where contract specific information is required e.g. Invoices - Generating consolidated invoices for contracts.

Go to Admin > Types > Contracts > Add [1]/Edit Contracts popup


In the Contract tab enter the contract Description [2] (e.g. Fixed Price Contract) and enter the company Name [3]Address [4]City [5] and Postcode [6] .

In the Contact tab enter the Contact details [1] of the Point Of Contact (POC) who handles the contract and invoices. 


Tick the Email Invoices [2] check box if you want invoices to be automatically sent to the POC when they are generated. 

NOTE - The Email field must be filled in for this feature to work.

In the Invoice tab Admin users can create custom invoice prefixes for different contracts. The Invoice prefix [1] data entry field can be alphanumeric and has a 25 character/number limit.


The Invoice number length [3] is limited from 1 to 12 (e.g. Invoice number length set to 3 limits it to a maximum of 999).

Set the Invoice start number [4] (e.g. start number is set to 3 so the first invoice will be 3 and increase incrementally).

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