System - Admin - Adding Action Types

Action Types are associated with Questionnaires created in Site Questions for the data collection process.

  This article will teach you...

How to add Action Types.

Adding Action Types

  1. Navigate to System > Admin.
  2. Click Add [1].
  3. Enter Name and Description [2], Give the action a name that clearly identifies what it’s for and outline why this action is required and anything important that must be done to complete the action
  4. Enter Days to Finish [3], All actions must have a set amount of days the action must be completed.
  5. Select a Questionnaire [4] from the Drop-down menu to select active questionnaires in Cases.
  6. Enter Report to Details [5], Add the details for the person the action must be reported to:

    • Name: Identify who is responsible for doing the action
    • Email: Add their email address
    • Phone: Add their main contact number i.e. office phone number
    • Mobile: Add their mobile number
  7. Click Save [6].
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