System - Admin - Adding Action Types

Action Types are associated with Questionnaires created in Site Questions for the data collection process.

Click the Add button [1] to open the Add Action Type window.

Admin-Adding-Action-Types.pngWhen creating or editing an Action type fill in the the following fields:

  1. Name & Description: Give the action a name that clearly identifies what it’s for and outline why this action is required and anything important that must be done to complete the action
  2. Days to finish: All actions must have a set amount of days the action must be completed by
  3. Questionnaire: Drop-down menu to select from active questionnaires in Cases
  4. Report to: Add the details for the person the action must be reported to:

    • Name: Identify who is responsible for doing the action
    • Email: Add their email address
    • Phone: Add their main contact number i.e. office phone number
    • Mobile: Add their mobile number
  5. Save: Click to add the Action Type to the list.