Reporting (Meal Selection) - How do I build reports and create reporting periods?

Reporting allows you to access and utilise the data collected in Kitchen Manager, Meal Selection, Meal Register and Payments. You can access data from any integrated external system.

All Admin-level users design reports. Alternatively, Cypad can provide a basic set based on an example you send to us. Reports are laid out in folders on the left-hand side of the screen. Only Admin staff can add reports.

There are 3 main types of Report:

  • Single KPI Item – shows a single KPI over time
  • Multiple KPI Items - shows a series of KPIs for a given period
  • Trading Summary - choose between Weekly or Cumulative (year-to-date)

NOTE: When you have selected the style for a report you cannot alter it.

Creating Reporting Periods

If you use 4/5 week periods rather than calendar months, you can apply periods retrospectively in System > Admin > Calendar > Periods


Time periods can be used alongside calendar months so you analyse your figures by term. 

Please refer to Admin - Calendar: Setting up and Closing Financial Periods for more information.