New User Interface - Assets - Assets Module

On the Assets page you can now find the Add button [1], Export and Update buttons [2], Search bar [3] and Filters [4] in the top right of the screen.

Current UI


New UI

The Actions Menu is where the Export and Update buttons [2] can be found.



Click the Filters [4] button to open the new filters pop up where you can enable the Additional details [5] and Custom questions [6] filters. Click the Apply button [7] to enable the filters you have selected.


If the filters have already been enabled click the Clear Filters button [8] to turn them off and click the Apply button.

Add Repair and History buttons

The Add Repair [1] and History [2] buttons are now accessible by Opening an Asset [3] and can be found at the bottom of the Edit Asset window.

Current UI


New UI


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