Reporting (Meal Selection) - How can I view the underlying data?

Reporting allows you to access and utilise the data collected in Kitchen Manager, Meal Selection, Meal Register and Payments. You can access data from any integrated external system.

Where does the Data come from

Data comes from either the Tablet, uploaded to the Manager App, or is entered directly in the Manager App. To identify the specific area within the Manager App use the Report Builder, in the Reporting module, to identify the KPIs used in the reports and use the KPI Guide to identify the data location for each KPI from the Manager App Data Location column

What if the data looks wrong on the report?

If data looks wrong on your report, try following the data trail back for a single site and check the data that has been recorded. If you still cannot prove an entry, then contact Cypad Support on 0117 942 9833 providing as much detail about the question as possible.