Reporting (Meal Selection) - Multiple KPI reports

Reporting allows you to access and utilise the data collected in Kitchen Manager, Meal Selection, Meal Register and Payments. You can access data from any integrated external system.

Use the Report Builder to build your Multiple KPI reports as follows:

Go to Reporting > Settings > Report Builder [1]


Select the Multiple KPI folder [2] and click the Add Report [3] button.


NOTE: You can change the destination folder using the Folder [4] drop-down.

Give the Report a Name [5] and Description [6] and set the Style [7] drop-down box select Multiple Items. 


In the Chart colour [8] field select a colour from the colour picker.

In the Visible to [9] drop-down box select either Admin, Managers or All.

Click the Change button [10] to see the KPI Item Description list [11] and Item Description selection [12] boxes. 


Drag and drop the required KPIs into the Description selection box and click Back [13] when complete. 

The Fields selected counter [14] will confirm how many KPI fields have been selected, if this is accurate click the Save [15] button to save your new Report.


Editing Reports 

The new Report will be added to the Multiple KPI folder, to edit the Report settings select the New report [1] and select any of the editable fields, the Style [2] field is greyed out and un-editable.


NOTE If you change the Folder [3] field the Report will be moved to the selected folder.

Generating your Report

After creating your new Report test it by selecting the Report [1] from the Reports list, set the date parameters [2] and click the Go [3] button.


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