Reporting (Kitchen Manager) - Viewing, Downloading and Emailing a Report

Go to Reports > select a folder (e.g. Staff Trading Summary) > select a Report [1] > set the Period Range [2] > Set the Date Range [3] > click Go [4]



The Period Range options are Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual and custom Period.

To download a copy of the Report click the Export [5] button to download an editable Excel file.

To see a graphical interpretation of a specific report row click anywhere in a Row [1].


You change the view of the chart from a Bar graph to a Line graph by clicking the Change view [2] button.

Click Close [3] to close the chart and return to the Report screen.

Click Copy [4] to copy the on-screen chart to paste into a MS Word document or equivalent as required.

Click Email [5] to email a copy of the chart to multiple recipients.

When using the Email feature use a semicolon (;) to separate each email in the Email field [6] and include a Message [7] before clicking Send [8].


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