Version 57 Overview

Menus: Menu Template capacity increased

The number of weeks available on the menu template has been increased so a user can populate an entire school year at the beginning of the academic year.

Pending Allergy Request notification

Payments: pre-orders/transactions

When an Admin user pre-orders a meal for a child using the Payments App they will see that the child has a pending allergy request, this alert will have the following message “There is a pending allergy or dietary request for this student. To review pending allergy/dietary requests, navigate to Students > Req column.” If the Admin user is authorised to see the pending request they can navigate to the Students App.


A notification has been added to the whiteboard so that when a child has a pending allergy request (i.e. request has been made by the parent, but hasn’t been approved by an admin) an alert will appear at the top of the screen under the pupil’s name with the message “This student has a pending allergy request”.

NOTE: The notification does not show allergy details.

Payments: Meals Selected Class/Year reports (Hide contents of UIFSM column)

The content of the student FSM/UIFSM status column is now “hidden” so that the reports can now be given to staff members who may not be authorised to see each student’s FSM status.