Version 153 Overview


Mobile Booking: Usability update

Pop up alerts have been disabled so Customers using the Make Bookings page from a mobile device can make bookings for all days in the displayed week(s).

Shop Purchases: Secure Checkout receipt page update

The Return to shop button on the Shop receipt screen has been relocated to the top of the page and has been renamed Complete order and return to shop.

ParentPay Shops: Browser tab update

The title displayed on the browser tab for both merchandise shops and payment pages has been updated so that it displays the page name rather than the URL.

School Admin and Managers

General Manager Application: Remove consumers from payment items update

A fix has been applied so Group Manager Application (GMA) users can remove a consumer from a payment item when required.

ParentPay Support Forms: Update

The process for Support Tickets has been changed for logged in users and those unable to log in:

  • A logged-in user will click the Contact ParentPay option to complete and submit a Support Form.
  • A user who is not able to log in will need to click the I am unable to login option which will direct them to the Contact Us form.

School Managers: Additional Payer unsuitable username error message

When a manager creates an additional Payer account with a username that does not meet the required criteria an Error message will be displayed. The School Manager will be able to correct the issue and successfully create the additional payer account.

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Cashless tills: Improvements to till syncing process

We have enhanced the process we use for migrating customers between till providers to eliminate a potential balance problem

Cashless tills: Further improvements to till syncing process

We have implemented a new method for synchronising between 3rd party tills and ParentPay meal payment items, to improve the accuracy of the balances shown on each system at all times.

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