How to create an additional payer account

Recognising that families can change, ParentPay provides schools with the ability to create additional payer accounts for each child.

All appropriate parents and carers will be able to make payments for the child.

To create a Secondary Payer Account:

  1. Go to People > Pupils and staff


  2. Select Group 1:  Pupil
  3. Select Group 2: Use the drop down to select the year group/class to find the relevant pupil then click Search.


  4. Click on the pupils name 

  5. Go to the Contacts section and click on Add additional accounts


  6. You will need to complete the Title, Forename, Surname, Email address and Username (follow the guidance to create unique details) fields.
  7. Complete the address details section of the additional payer, if known.


  8. Click Create account. 
  9. If the username is incorrect or already in use the following error message will appear at the top of the page.


  10. Username needs to contain a minimum of 6 characters, enter a new username and select Create Account, the following screen will appear.


  11. You will need to provide the activation details for the additional payer. For more details on how to do this see article How to create activation letters for additional account holders.

  12. Alternatively select Back to pupil details, or View payer details (to make a change or add additional information, if required).

  13. Back in the pupils details you will see the secondary payers (Additional payers) details.


  14. Remember to send the details to the additional account holder to ensure they activate their account.