How to remove access to a site as a Group Manager Application (GMA) user

While school groups remain largely static, it may be required to remove a school from a trust or catering organisation.  This should be completed immediately after they leave the group to ensure no inappropriate access or use of data is seen.  Note that the individual schools will also have the ability to do this at any time.

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How to revoke access to a school's site from the Group Manager Application account configured for a group.


Revoking access

  1. Log in to your Group Manager Application (GMA) account.
  2. Navigate to the Schools[1] menu item and then find the individual school that is to be removed.GMA_Menu_Schools_CO_1.png
  3. Select the 'X'[2] against the school to revoke access.GMA_Revoke_CO_2.png
  4. A secondary window will be displayed to confirm the choice.

NOTE: This will remove access to the site as a local manager.  Reporting data associated with the site will still appear on all group reports until the site is also removed from the associated bank account.  Ensure all settlements have been completed before requesting for the site to be removed from the bank account.

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