How to remove Group Manager Application (GMA) access from your site

As part of an established trust, catering group, or authority group, schools may have authorised access to their site for appropriate users of a Group Manager Application (GMA) account.  It may be appropriate to remove this access under certain situations such as exiting the group.

  This article will teach you...

How to deny or revoke GMA user access to a school site.

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that all user accounts are reviewed termly and that any accounts that should no longer have access be removed.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Group manager
  2. The Group manager data-sharing access page is displayed with
    • A legend identifying the possible status levels you may see for each GMA account associated with your school
    • A list of the GMA accounts currently linked to your school along with the lead contact, their email, and the approval status.List_CO_3.png
      NOTE: If your school is not yet included in a GMA account this area will be blank.
  3. Select View/Edit access[3] against the GMA account you wish to revoke access for.
  4. After confirming the details are correct, select Revoke access[4].Revoke_Access_1_CO_4.png
  5. A final confirmation is displayed. Select the Revoke access[5] button to complete the request.
  6. A confirmation message is displayed and the status will have been updated to Unapproved


This will remove access to the site for all GMA users in that account. However, the site will continue to appear on all group reports until it is also removed from the group bank account.  Ensure all settlements have been completed before requesting for the site to be removed from the bank account.

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