How to request a Group Manager Application (GMA) account

The Group Manager Application (GMA) provides a management and reporting tool for Local Authorities (LAs), Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) and Catering organisations.

  This article will teach you...

How to submit a request for a new Group Manager Application (GMA) account to be set up for your organisation.

Are there any qualification requirements?

You must comply with the following before you can qualify for a GMA account:

  • The group must consist of a minimum of 5 schools.
  • The group must have a central bank account that all schools will pay into.

  • All schools must be identifiable as included within the group:

    • For LA's and caterers a full report of all included schools must be provided to ParentPay and once validated will be added.
    • For MAT's the trust's schools will be validated through the DfE trust site and only those schools will be added.


All schools included in a GMA account will appear in any group reports. However, access to the school ParentPay site will only be granted once authorised by the school (see the article How to approve data sharing for a GMA account)

Submitting the request

          1. If you are a new ParentPay project-managed implementation your dedicated project manager will discuss the available group management options during the early phases of your rollout.
          2. If you are an existing managed customer, you will need to contact your success manager directly.
          3. If you are a new group, for instance, a newly formed trust, or an existing group with no currently allocated success manager, you will need to submit a request to 


          In cases 2 or 3 above the following email format must be used:
Subject New GMA request for {insert group name}
Email body I would like to request to have group reporting and/or access configured for our organisation:
    • Name of our organisation (MAT/LA/Caterer):

    • The number of schools within the group:

    • Primary contact full name:

    • Primary contact email address:
    • Primary contact telephone number: