Version 59 Overview

Allergy requests

Payments: Save button added to Manager App

When an allergy request has been submitted by a parent, Admin users can check the request details and add notes to the request without processing the request.

System: New allergy request email field added to Site details

An allergy request email field has been added to the Site details page in System > Sites so that school caterers and admin can be automatically notified when a parent has submitted an allergy request form.


This field can hold multiple email addresses which must be separated with a semi-colon.

When a parent makes an allergy request via the ParentPay Allergies and diet types page an email will be sent to the assigned email addresses with an email titled Allergy Request.

System: Configure whether school admins can approve/reject allergy requests

Caterers can configure the system so that School Admin can have the ability to approve or reject allergy request from parents, this helps Caterers have greater control over who is responsible for this task.

Staff - Admin: Overtime/Absent time Description editable

The Overtime default description ‘Absent time’ can be changed by Caterers to display ‘Additional hours’ so that staff do not incorrectly mark timesheet records as Overtime, which has a different pay rate to ‘Additional Hours’.

Data Collection: Note functionality available to Manager Users

Manager users can leave notes on the cells in the Data Collection module by clicking the speech bubble icon when a cell is selected in the table.

Manager App: Pre-orders removed when allergen/dietary information amended that creates a conflict

Conflicting pre-orders are automatically removed from the Manager App when a change is made to a child’s allergen/diet type. This action removes all pre-orders that conflict with the new allergen so that a child is unable to receive a meal order for a meal which they have an allergy to.


When an allergen request is made to the school please check any pre-orders that you have made.

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