Reporting and Menus Integration

VeriCool-Cypad Reporting and Menus Integration 

NOTE  For details on the reporting integration, refer to Reporting Integration.

  • A full list of menu items/menus are sent from Cypad to VeriCool every 15 minutes
  • Cypad menu items will be added/removed from VeriCool menus based on matching PLU codes (menu item ID’s) passed in the integration
  • Menu Item creation in VeriCool is not restricted via the integration, which means clients can still create new menu items in VeriCool, which will then be created in Cypad (if the PLU code does not match an existing Cypad menu item); however, these menu items will not be automatically associated with a Cypad menu.
  • VeriCool created menu items will not be removed from VeriCool menus if they do not exist in the list of menu items passed by Cypad
  • Two different types of menus are sent to VeriCool:
    • EPOS menus – includes all menu items associated with the sites menu template in Cypad, for current and future weeks; including theme day menus.
    • Pre-Order menus – includes all menu items for a specific day menu, based on the individual week menu associated with the site’s menu template in Cypad; including theme day menus
  • As student templates cannot be assigned to students, only site menus are integrated
  • Button layout must be configured on the VeriCool till (note: any new items sent by Cypad will be added under their menu type category i.e., Main, Vegetables, Dessert, Drink, Other)

The following menu item information is passed from Cypad to VeriCool:

  • PLU Code (menu item ID)
  • Menu Item Name
  • Menu Item Session (Lunch, Break, Breakfast)
  • Menu Item Price – the price will always be ‘student price’ based on Cypads pricing hierarchy i.e., Menu Item Price > Site Price > Database Price
  • Menu Type (Main, Vegetables, Dessert, Drink, Other)
  • Allergens (main 14 EU allergens)
  • Menu Date (for pre-order menus)

The following menu item information is NOT passed from Cypad to VeriCool:

  • Diet Types
  • Nutritional Info
  • Ingredients Lists
  • Recipe Info
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