How to send a Group Manager Application (GMA) access request to a site

Before being able to access a schools ParentPay site as a GMA administrator, an authorisation request must be sent and approved

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How to submit a request to a new school and check the status of your allocated schools


Before a Group Manager Account user can access a school as a manager of their site, a request for access will need to be issued from the GMA account and it will need to be approved by an existing manager on the school site


Requesting authorisation

  1. Select Schools [1]
  2. From the bottom of the page, find the school you wish to request authorisation for and select the Send request icon [2]
  3. A success message will be displayed [3].                                               
  4. The authorisation will be in a Request sent [4] state until the school completes the authorisation process. For more information on the approval process within the school, see the article How to approve data sharing for a GMA account
  5. Once approved the status will change to a green tick

Video guidance

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