SIMS Connector Pre-Installation

This article describes the steps needed prior to installation of the Cypad/SIMS Integration App for school admin staff with SIMS permission.

Data Processing Agreement

When you run the Cypad/SIMS Integration App you will be asked to sign the Cypad Data Processing Agreement which states that by installing this application you allow Cypad to access pupil information.

Cypad/SIMS Integration

For the integration to work the Cypad SIMS Integration application is manually installed on the PC where SIMS is installed, this may be on a physical server or in the ‘cloud’. Every 20 - 30 minutes Student Photos are uploaded from SIMS to Cypad and the functionality is available for Attendance Marks to writeback to SIMS. 

Before you install the Cypad/SIMS Integration App

Enter your user details in the Basic Details section of the SIMS user creation form.

Use the Username and Password for the Cypad/SIMS Integration app in the SIMS Settings section.

Add two new User Groups: One group must be titled Class teacher and the other titled Third-Party Reporter. Both user groups will need permissions set to read student details from the SIMS database (permission are defined in the group by SIMS).