SIMS Connector Application Setup


The Cypad/SIMS Integration Settings User Interface will automatically open for editing. If you are not sure of your Site ID please contact the Cypad Support Team to confirm.

NOTE  If you are a Meal Manager customer your Site ID will be the School DFE Number.

When adding the SIMS Settings User Name and Password, enter the newly created SIMS username and password created during the pre-installation process.

SIMS Connector Settings Configuration

  1. In the Settings [1] tab, confirm the Server Name [2] and Database Name [3] are correct by clicking on the Magnifying Glass [4] button located next to the Server Name field.SIMS_Settings.png
  2. Navigate from your Local Disk (C:) to the SIMS folder and open the connect.ini file with Notepad. The SIMS connector application will automatically read the connect.ini file and apply it to the SIMS connector settings.dat file.
  3. Enter the Database NameUser Name [5]Password [6], and School ID [7] then click Test Connection. [8]. If the data is correct you will see a message telling you that you have successfully connected to the SIMS server. If the Test Connection is unsuccessful, refer to SIMS Connector Troubleshooting FAQs.
  4. Enter the School ID and click Validate, the application will ask you to confirm the School ID. If an error occurs, refer to SIMS Connector Troubleshooting FAQs.