Version 60 Overview

Allergy Requests & Anonymisation of data

Allergy Request - Parent Email/Phone Number added to request form

When submitting an allergy request via the ParentPay and Schoolcomms Systems Parents will be asked to enter an email address and phone number when they submit and allergy/diet type request. This will be stored against the request in the Manager App.

Student Anonymisation - ParentPay Integration Closure

When a student’s record is closed via the ParentPay integration, their details are automatically anonymised. These details are restored if the student record is re-opened.

Student Anonymisation - Allergy and Diet Type request

When a student record is closed, via any means, any associated parent allergy/diet type requests are automatically anonymised, this includes contact details and supporting documents. These details are restored if the student is reopened.

Payments Transactions

Selecting a date 90 days or more in the past

We will no longer store menus further back than 90 days. This means that, if a user goes to Transactions and picks a date 90 days or more in the past, they will not be able to select a specific meal, only that a transaction has happened. This does not affect transaction reports, so a user will still be able to see details of meals that were selected within the 90-day window.


A warning message will pop up to advise you the selected week contains a date 90 days or more in the past.

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