Version 155 Overview


Parent Account statement: change to wording

To clearly define the balance on the parents statement page a change has been implemented to indicate Parent Account balance rather than Balance. 

School Admin and Managers

Upload queue issues

It was noted that some uploads added to the upload queue had failed to process and not showing in the upload status record area.  This has now been rectified and any failed uploads will now be stated in the upload status area. 

Bromcom upload data: Surname

A fix has been applied where a pupils preferred Surname will be uploaded to ParentPay, where there is no preferred surname the Legal Surname will be used.  This procedure already exists for the preferred First Name.

Upcoming Features 

New Balance Report

A new report feature will be available for school managers to request, this will be available to download for a total of seven days.  Once requested, a notification will appear on the front page stating the total amount of reports available.  The balance reports will detail total amount held against any individual payment item at a particular time. 

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