What are Kitchen Manager Stock Items Filters?

Kitchen Manager Stock contains a complete list of Stock Items that are available to multiple sites. This list includes stock availability, cost per pack or volume and Supplier details. The default view for the Stock page is Stock View, this is used to view the latest stock take data at each site.

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A brief overview of the Kitchen Manager Stock View

Accessing Stock 

Navigate to Kitchen Manager > Stock.

Stock Item Filters

The Stock Item Quantities [1] column identifies how much of each Stock Item is currently available. This information is kept up to date with regular stock takes via the Stock Take App.

Stock data can be refined by setting the Primary Filter [2] drop-down to ‘Show All’, the stock items or ‘Hide Empty’ Stock Items. Use the Secondary Filter [3] to view the current ‘Now’ levels or Stock levels from previous stock takes.

Alternatively, users can set the Type Filter [4] to view only Food or Non-food items or Stock Items provided by a specific Supplier [5].


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