How to transfer Stock Items

The Stock Item editing options are limited to changing the Quantity in Stock and transferring excess stock from one site to another.
In this example, the Meal selection Site has an excess of Chopped tomatoes in stock which is being transferred to another site.

  1. To view the details of a Stock Item, click on the Stock Item [1].Stock_Item_details.jpg
  2. In the Edit Stock Items Window Admin users will only be able to edit the current Quantity in stock [2] and Reorder level [3] details which are both typically updated during a Stock Take, refer to Stocktake App.
  3. Click the Transfer button [4] to transfer excess stock to another Site.
  4. The Canned Chopped Tomatoes in Tomato Juice has 5 packs in Stock [5].Stock_Items_Stock_Transfer.jpg
  5. Enter the Quantity to transfer (Packs) [6] (i.e. 2), set the Location to transfer [7] to and include any Notes [8] to explain why the stock has been transferred then click Save [9] to complete the stock transfer.
  6. The Quantity (Packs) column [10] is automatically updated following a Transfer.Stock_Item_Quantity.jpg