How to add new Stock Items

When creating Recipes and Menus in the Menus App you will need a list of ingredients (Stock Items) that are readily available or that can be easily ordered using the Kitchen Manager Orders App.
This article will teach you how to use the Kitchen Manager Admin feature to create new Stock Items and assign them their appropriate categories.

  1. Go to the Kitchen Manager Admin tab [1], select the Stock Items [2] option in the Explorer Pane and click the Add stock Item [3] button.Stock_Items_Add_Stock_Item.jpg
  2. After filling in the Stock Item details click either the Save Button [4], this will close the Add Stock Item window, or click the Save & New Button [5] which will save the Stock Item and Keep the Add Stock Item window open to add another Stock Item.
  3. To populate the Stock Item fields use the following information provided by the supplier:
    • Code
    • Stock Item
    • Supplier
    • Super Category
    • Category
    • Sub Category
    • Pack Contents / Weight per Pack / Base Unit Of Measure (UOM) i.e. Kg
    • Price
    • Priced by Pack
  4. When the New Stock Item has been added to the Stock Items table use the Nutrition [12] information to populate the Nutrition tab [13] the Allergens tab [15] and Ingredients tab [16].Stock_Items_Edit_Stock_Tabs.jpg
  5. When you have filled in the Allergen, Nutrition and Ingredient details click Save [17].