How to edit Stock Items?

The availability, cost, quantity, and ingredients of Stock items can change, when this happens the Stock Item details will need to be edited, discontinued, or deleted.
This article will teach you to use the Stock Items Admin features to update Stock Item details, nutritional data, allergen data and ingredients was well as Discontinuing and Deleting Stock Items.

Updating Stock Item details

  1. Go to Admin > Stock Items [1] > select the Stock Item [2]Stock_Items_Admin_Editing_Stock_Items.jpg
  2. Update the existing Red Lentils details with the Data [3] from your supplier.Stock_Item_admin_Allergens_Nutrition_and_Ingredients.jpgNOTE  When updating the Stock Item details it is advisable to review and if necessary, update the Allergens [4], Nutrition [5] and Ingredients [6].
  3. When all the Stock Item details have been updated click Save [7].

Discontinue Stock Items

  1. If a Stock Item is discontinued and there is no replacement item available, you will need to mark the Stock Item as Discontinued so that when you run out of stock it cannot be re-ordered.
  2. Go to Admin > Stock Items [1] > select the Stock Item [2] > click the Discontinued checkbox [3] and click Save [4].Stock_Item_admin_Discontinue_Stock_Items.jpg
  3. When a Stock Item is Discontinued an X will appear in the Discont. Column [5] for that item.
  4. The Stock Items default table view is set to Hide Discontinued [6] so any items that have been marked as discontinued will not be visible on the table.
  5. NOTE  Items that have been set to discontinued will still be visible on the Stock Items table until you reload the table, to view discontinued items change the Table view to Show Discontinued.

Deleting Stock Items

IMPORTANT: Deleting a Stock Item is a permanent action; it cannot be undone. This will have an impact on any Menu Items that use this stock Item as an ingredient.

  1. Go to Admin > Stock Items [1] > select the Stock Item [2] > click Delete [3]Stock_Item_admin_Deleting_Stock_Items.jpg
  2. The Delete Stock Item Alert pop’s up to confirm the Delete action. After clicking OK [4] a second confirmation pop up will open to confirm the delete action, click No [5] to complete the action.Stock_Item_admin_Deleting_Stock_Items_Confirmation.jpg