How to add and edit Suppliers?

The Suppliers Admin page is where you can add and edit suppliers to be used when adding Stock Items in the Admin page.

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How to add a new Supplier to the list of Suppliers and when required, edit a Supplier’s details.


Suppliers are setup as Food suppliers by default, this can be changed to a Non-Food supplier.

  1. Go to Kitchen Manager Admin [1] and select the Suppliers [2] option from the side menu.Stock_Item_Supplier_Admin.jpg
  2. Click the Add [2] button and in the Edit Supplier Details Info [3] tab add the Supplier’s details.
  3. Stock items from Integrated suppliers [4] will have more accurate nutritional and allergen data, if the supplier has been integrated (e.g. Erudus) with Cypad select them from the list provided.
  4. The GLN [6] (Global Location Number) is used to identify the correct supplier database when making orders.
  5. The Non-food [7] checkbox is to be checked when creating a Supplier if the supplier provides kitchen equipment and utilities as well as canteen paraphernalia.
  6. Click the Save [8] button when done.


In the FTP tab set the Secure FTP SSL [1] type and enter the URL and Login [2] details, the supplier must have supplied Cypad with their FTP Server address & details which will be integrated with Kitchen Manager.


When you enter the FTP details click the Validate [3] button to make sure the settings are correct before click the Save [4] button.

Order Limits

The Order Limits tab is used to set limits on how much or little to spend when placing and order as well as a minimum number of working days for the order to be delivered and an Order by time so that orders are placed with enough time to be fulfilled.

Add to Template

Select from a list of the Stock Templates so that the Supplier’s Stock Items are available for selection in each of the Stock Templates.

NOTE  By default the templates are unselected.


Existing Integrated suppliers can be selected from the Supplier drop-down list.

If the supplier is not in the list, click the Request new supplier button, enter the Supplier name in the New supplier request window and click Email to complete the request.

When this request is processed you will receive a confirmation email when the supplier is added to the Supplier drop-down list.

Suppliers are setup as Food suppliers by default, to setup a Supplier as a Non-Food supplier go to Kitchen Manager Admin [1] and select the Suppliers [2] option from the side menu.


The Non-Food tick box in the Suppliers table will identify suppliers who are to be used for Non-food items. Select either and Existing supplier [3] or Add [4] a new supplier, click the Non-food checkbox [5] and click the Save [6] button.

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