How to assign Theme Days to a Site or specific Classes

Caterers can assign theme days to either a site or specific classes at the site. Classes that have been assigned the theme day menu will see that specific menu and all remaining classes will see the normal menu.

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How to assign a theme day to a site of specific classes.


Theme day menus applied on a Site Template will not override any Student specific menu templates, refer to Assigning Theme Days to specific Student Template.

  1. Go to Menus > Sites > select a Site [1] > select Site Template [2]New_UI_Menus_Sites_Template_Edit.jpg
  2. In the Month View calendar you will see the Menu Templates in the Menu column [3].
  3. In the Month View calendar click, drag, and drop a Theme Day menu from the Theme Days list [4] onto a date in the Calendar [5].
  4. Once a Theme Day menu has been added to the calendar the Add Class Override window will automatically open.
    NOTE  The Edit Class Override can be opened by clicking the Theme Day menu that has been applied in the calendar.
  5. In the Add Class Override window the Checkboxes [6] are all selected by default. If this selection is not changed, the Theme Day menu will be applied to the whole site. Un-select the checkboxes for the classes that will not need the Theme Day menu.New-UI-Menus-Sites-Add-Class-Override.jpg
  6. Use either the Select/Deselect All checkbox [7] to unselect all classes and tick the relevant classes the menu should apply to or untick specific classes the menu should not apply to.
  7. When you have made the necessary changes in the Class Override table click the OK [8] button.
  8. To change the month, click the Back [9] button to set the calendar to the previous month (i.e. January) or use the Forward [10] button to set the calendar to the next month (i.e. March).New_UI_Menus_Sites_Template_Year_View_Button.jpg
  9. To quickly change the calendar month or year click the Year View [11] button.
  10. In the Year View page use the Back [12] button to set the calendar to the previous year (e.g. 2021) or use the Forward [13] button to set the calendar to the next year (e.g. 2023).New_UI_Menus_Sites_Year_View.jpg
  11. To select a specific date or month, click on the Month header [14] or a Specific date [15] to return to the Month view.
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