How to Create a Theme Day menu?

A Theme Day menu can be used for one day in the Menu Site or Student Templates.
This article will teach you to create a new Theme Day menu and add meal items to the menu.

  1. Go to Menus > Menus > sub-menu Theme Days
  2. Click the Actions button and select Add Menu
  3. Give the new Theme Day a Description that is easy to identify (e.g. Sports day).
  4. The Item Type defaults are Main and Desert, these cannot be disabled. Use the checkboxes to include Vegetables, Drinks and Other items.
  5. If applicable, assign the Theme Day to an Area, then click Save when done.
  6. Add Menu Items to the new Theme Menu, select the New Theme Day (Sports Day), add Menu Items by dragging and dropping a Menu Item into the Menu fields, and when complete click the Save button.


    You can apply up to 20 Items to the Main Menu and up to 8 Menu items to a Vegetable Menu, Desserts Menu and Drinks Menu.